Old Owens Cricket Club Annual General Meeting 24 November 2020 – Minutes - Old Owens Cricket Club
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Old Owens Cricket Club Annual General Meeting 24 November 2020 – Minutes


Start Time: 8.00pm                                    Venue = Zoom

  Item Action

Welcome, attendance and apologies

a.    Present: Shaun Flook (sec), Tim Lane (Chair), Ian Tyler, Michael Livingstone, Tim Lane, Fiona Lane, Bradley Lane, Richard Baker, Chris Palmer, Jack Bloxham, Robert Sibley, Debbie Palmer, Tony Palmer, Ralph Lane, Alan Hunter (HP User), Robin Gupta, Andrew Battersby, Jake Wickham, Joseph Satt, Joe Ruler, Alan Flook, Gavin Flook, Jim Clarke, Kishan Changlani


b.    Apologies: Bill Reed, Mark McKinstry, Vincent Tanner,


Matters arising from Spring General Meeting

·      Survey of membership required for development plan but not conducted due to pandemic – will do in 2021

·      Agreed – Bats will do Survey Monkey


Shaun to draft and send survey to Andy Battersby


Election of Officers (see table at the end)

·      Alan Hunter was thanked for his years of service as 3rd XI Vice Captain and was replaced by Shaun Flook

·      Abby Jade was welcomed as a new Social Secretary

League website (Tim)  and Play Cricket site (Shaun) to be updated

Treasurer’s (Richard Baker) update

·      We have around £9000 but haven’t collected annual subs

·      The meeting agreed to waive the 2020 annual subs

·      Costs this winter = nets (possibly)

·      Spring  – renew and replace some equipment, including kit for juniors eg. helmets

·      Return to Sport Fund to be explored

·      Nothing from VP’s – Bakes to do a letter with Shaun’s help

·      Community Emergency Fund = £3,000 grant

·      Club Marathon in kit raised £1500  (about 17 people ran)

·      Fantasy Cricket League raised £280 in half a season

·      Easyfundraising online shopping thing = £80 +

Richard Baker to draft a letter for VP’s with general updates from Shaun Flook and request for support




Captain’s summaries of the 2020 season / plans for 2021 season

1st XI (Bradley Lane) – won the Championship, only lost 1 game, no promotion, was 100% limited overs, nobody leaving, no overseas player needed, we want Matt Plater (domestic) to return, most players rotated and played 2’s or stood down, Haileybury pre-season nets for first time worked brilliantly, nets will be packed if we are allowed


2nd XI (Andy Battersby) – only lost two games (both we could/should have won), weather worked against us, having 1st teamers made a huge difference, strong availability helped by fact nobody could do anything else, 2021 aim is to push for promotion in top position to close gap on 1’s


3rd XI (Ian Tyler) – won every completed game so won the division, retirements/leavers Ken Rowswell, Ricci Achillini and Chris Dowty.


Fixtures/cups 2021

·      League season starts 8th May and finishes 4th Sept.

·      We have ground from the 1st May guaranteed, possibly the 24th April if we wish. Both pitches available one week before league season starts (should leave it for one week between football and cricket)

·      Get practice pitches arranged for the last two weeks in April – will need ground-force earlier than normal

·      Pre-season possibility vs Winchmore Hill

·      Tim has held back the Bank Holidays for our use if we wish to use.

·      Exhibition Match vs Saracens to be explored










Brad/Rhys to contact Saracens about the exhibition match


Junior Cricket

·      The pandemic was obviously very disruptive. Sessions started training end of July on Thurs nights but these clashed with football so were moved to Mondays and we got 15-18 down.

·      2019 cohort do want to play in 2021

·      Plan for spring/summer 2021 – we have entered 3 teams into junior leagues U9, U11 and U13

·      Jim is going into 11 schools to do training

·      Need more coaches for Monday nights,

·      Club agreed to fund coaching course on successful completion

·      Look at higher education opportunities (Herts Uni, local secondary schools/colleges)

·      Check Haileybury – Joe Satt

·       Check Dame Alice Owen’s School – check with Breezey (Andy Bats)













Joe Satt to check Haileybury

Bats to contact Ian Breeze in regards Owens


Welfare Officer update  

·      DBS – all captains up to date, Jon and Lynn and Naman

·      Various players, workers and volunteers need DBS completed

·      Safe New Hands Management System being introduced next season – possibly an online certification system but not clear yet – this may replace Clubmark

Shaun, Ed Clark, Adam Clark, Jasmine and Graham (bar), Michael Livingstone need DBS?

Facilities and Grounds updates

·      The meeting thanks Ed Clarke for the practice facilities, match pitches – the meeting agreed he would make a good Clubman of the Year

·      We bought junior equipment, new static nets (2 lanes)

·      New mobile net for cage generously donated by the Carter family.

·      Ditch was cleared by superb preseason working party

·      We need two new PVC sightscreens  – £2400

·      Pitch hire plans 2021 – all weekend dates have been filled. Finchley 3’s sharing second pitch with our 3’s on Saturdays, Sundays both pitches fully booked whole season (Rosslyn/Archway Graces/ Sri Lankan club)

·      We have not let pitches on two Bank Holidays –  we can use these for family days, intra-club games

·      Midweek game vs School in July – Ralph happy to arrange

Tim to order new sightscreens


Ralph Lane to arrange school match



a. Annual Reepham tour will be 30 May to 1 June 2021 if pandemic allows

b. 2024 – overseas tour, survey said Carribean with St Lucia now proposed @£1350 per person for 4 matches, lunches, based on party of 24  – payment plan to be put in place by January


a.Shaun to arrange annual tour

b.Robert Sibley to produce presentation to be circulated by Shaun


Shaun to arrange payment options



·      Captains and committee members to decide separately

Captains to get all trophies to Fiona Lane


Captains to tell Shaun who won the standard cricket awards


Shaun to circulate list for agreement by captains and committee



Fund Raising / Social Events round-up

·      No Presentation Xmas Dinner – pre-season dinner instead?

·      Fantasy Cricket League – 28 teams entered, £280 collected winner = Jack Bloxham, Know Your Club Wooden Spoon = Gavin Flook

·      Marathon Run – https://fb.watch/1Wj6e-qTms/ raised £1500

·      Shopping thing (easyfundraising) – £80 needs to be pushed

·      Quiz 2021 to be arranged if covid allows









Old Owens Association membership (Alan Hunter)

·      Every cricket club member has to become a member of the Association via bank transfer or cash and MWAGs and parents of juniors should be Associate members – all for only £22.50 a year

·      Form has to be filled out – Alan to circulate a cricket club version of the form

·      10% discount card for the bar

·      The meeting agreed that from 2021 annual cricket club membership and association membership will be payable at the same time


Annual VP Lunch

·      Did not happen in 2020 due to pandemic

·      If viable would be early April hopefully in the Dame Alice Owen pub in Clerkenwell

Shaun to ask Mark if willing to arrange, if it is possible

Any Other Business

·      Old Owens Thai restaurant and takeaway is providing superb food – all members to promote this

·      In 2024 it will be 100 years of Old Owens CC – we will need a subcommittee




Officers after 2020 AGM

Role Name Change in 2020 AGM
Cricket chairman Tim Lane None
Club Captain Ken Rowswell None
Honorary Secretary Shaun Flook None
Honorary Treasurer Richard Baker None
Honorary Fixture Secretary Tim Lane None
Hertfordshire League Representative Tim Lane None
Old Owens Association Representative Robert Hatrell None
Cricket Force Representative Tim Lane None
Welfare Officer Fiona Lane and Debbie Palmer None
Social Secretary Emma Faz / Katie Smits / Abby Jade Abby Jade voted in
1st XI Captain Bradley Lane None
1st XI Vice Captain Chris Palmer None
2nd XI Captain Andy Battersby None
2nd XI Vice Captain Naman Paropkari None
3rd XI Captain Ian Tyler None
3rd XI Vice Captain Shaun Flook Alan Hunter stood down with Shaun Flook voted in
Cricket Development Officer / junior contact Jim Clarke None


Trophies 2020

Trophy Winner
1’s bowling Rhys Carter (20 wickets)
1’s batting Ralph Lane (199 runs @66)
2’s bowling Lewis Hollett (13 wickets @ 13.62)
2’s batting Ben Christensen (160 runs @ 27)
3’s bowling Ricci Acchilini (10 wickets @ 5.8)
3’s batting Sam Gaeton (152 runs @ 51)
3’s best young player Ed Gaeton (84 runs @ 28 and 7 wickets @ 11 and 3 catches)
3’s fielder of the season Ian Tyler (4 catches – awarded trophy ahead of Sam Gaeton due to his catches all being far less likely to be taken than Sam’s)
Clubman of the year Alan Hunter
The Everton Bowl – most wickets Rhys Carter (20)
Batting Shield – average Ralph Lane (66)
Fielding Cup Chris Palmer (18 victims – 14 catches 4 stumpings)
Most valued Player Bradley Lane
Young Player Ed Gaeton (84 runs @ 28 and 7 wickets @ 11 and 3 catches)