Clubmark - Old Owens Cricket Club
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OOCC successfully re-attained the Clubmark accreditation in 2017. The Clubmark was introduced in 2002 by Sport England to:

Ensure that accrediting partners apply core common criteria to ensure standards are delivered through all club development and accreditation schemes
To empower parent(s)/carer(s) when choosing a club for their children
To ensure that Clubmark accredited clubs are recognised through a common approach to branding
To provide a focus around which all organisations involved in sport can come together to support good practice in sport
Clubs working with children and young people
Clubmark accreditation is awarded to clubs that comply with minimum operating standards in four areas:
1.    The playing programme

2.    Duty of care and child protection

3.    Sports equity and ethics

4.    Club management

Club Safeguarding Officers:

  • Fiona Lane  –
  • Debbie Palmer –